More cheesemaker photos! We traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin last week and spent several days meeting with cheesemakers. Now that we have met with 13 cheesemakers, some of the details of how cheese is made is starting to stick, and the different scopes of the factories is even more clear.

Here is a photo I particularly liked from the Trega Factory in Weyauwega, WI. These two Master Cheesemakers each run a different factory (one for cheddar, one for feta) housed under the same roof. They showed us all around both factories, where they make 100s of thousands of pounds of cheese a day, making them a “mid-sized” factory.

This was a sign in the Feta plant that caught my eye:

This was another factory we visited, where the cheese is made is smaller quantities to say the least. David Metzig, the Master Cheesemaker at Union Star foods, actually lives above the factory in this charming house:

We had so much fun with David, tasting fresh string cheese (which was delicious) and his aged cheddars. He also insisted on taking a photo of us!


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