Driftless Region of Wisconsin

We traveled around the southwestern part of Wisconsin talking with cheesemakers there. The area is gorgeous, mostly because through some fluke of nature it was untouched by the huge glaciers that mostly smoothed over the rest of Wisconsin.

We talked with several folks, including Myron Olson, one of the Master Cheesemakers at Chalet Cheese, the only makers of Limburger left in the country.

We also talked with Carrie Wagner, a Master Cheesemaker at a large company. She showed us what to look for when grading cheese and also graciously let us try some of the wonderful aged cheddars.

We also went to Cedar Grove Cheese, outside Plain, Wisconsin. Bob Wills had built up his business to use mostly organic and rBGH-free milk, with an emphasis on sustainability. Not only is the aged cheddar fantastic, but he also has a green water treatment facility on the grounds.


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