More Cheesemakers!

I traveled back to Eastern Wisconsin to meet with a few more cheesemakers. We met with several, and they were all helpful and gracious about all our cheese questions. We saw brick cheese being pressed with real bricks by Joe Widmer at Widmer’s cheese. He had a wonderful plant – small and Efficient. It is also nicely set up for visitors to see the cheesemaking processes, and he has a great little video that explains the background of his plant. If you are ever in South Eastern Wisconsin, make sure you visit his plant in Theresa, WI.

And we  also met with Kerry Henning who told us about his mammoth wheels of cheddar (up to 12,000 lb). He was so great about using his hands to explain what the process is like for the cheese, and I love this series I took of him with the large cheddar wheels aging in the background. He has a wonderful factory in Kiel, WI, just East of Lake Winnebago that sports a new retail shop with windows onto the cheesemaking plant and a great display of vintage cheesemaking implements.


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