Cheesemakers in Antigo and beyond

Jim and I were back on the road last week. We traveled to the farthest cheesemakers for this trip – to Antigo, Wisconsin and out by Green Bay. We then made a large loop back down to the Milwaukee area and back. Not very efficient, but we did get a great selection of local foods, including (of course) amazing cheese, but also chocolate, kringle, and meat products.

We went to the Green Bay area to meet the Master Cheesemaker fro BelGioisio cheese, a maker of fine italian style cheeses. The aging room for their American Grana cheese is a photographer’s dream:

We also saw the wonderful Antigo plant for Sartori cheese, home of the wonderful SarVechio cheese, one of my other favorite hard italian style cheeses. This is a photo of the Master Cheesemaker with the large brining vats:

The other Master Cheesemaker for Sartori cheese was a good sport, and we were able to photograph him in front of the local cos statue, the finest we have seen in Wisconsin:

We also stopped in central Wisconsin. These are some of my favorite photos that demonstrate the complexity of the machines that make most modern cheese:


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