Heather & Mark’s Wedding

About 1 week ago I photographed Heather & Mark’s wedding in St Paul. The day started wonderfully, as it was the nicest Saturday in March, and it continued to be a lovely and intimate wedding with Heather and Mark’s close friends and relatives.

All the assorted nices and nephews were an amazing blend of mischievous and adorable. Like here where the boy grabed his sister’s hand for the photo:

Or here where the smallest nephew took a special interest in Mark’s flower!

After the ceremony, we took a large group photo of all the guests:

After the ceremony, Mark and Heather walked down to the local library (did I mention it was an unseasonably beautiful day!) to take some more fun photos.

The reception was at Forepaughs in St Paul, a restaurant with the brilliance to cover wonderful steak in wonderful bernaise sauce . . . but even beyond the food, the service was wonderful and the space speaks for itself.

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  1. 1 mary traeger
    April 8, 2008 at 7:40 am

    Hi Becca
    Wonderful pictures – can hardly wait to see them all. It will be hard to make choices!

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