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Katie & Nick’s Wedding in Decorah

I had been looking forward to Katie and Nicks wedding based on what they had told me when we met, but they had not adequately explained how much vintage charm they had planned into the whole wedding. It was in lovely Decorah, Iowa, and the weather was lovely, despite the small tornado siren that rang during the ceremony.

It will take me another few weeks to edit through all the photos, but I had to pull out a few of my initial favorites to share before then.

For starters, all the the tuxedos had morning jackets (the English-style gently sloped tails), which were lovely.

And Katie’s dress was stunning – a soft and beautifully draped gown with lace overlay.

And the bridal party as a whole was a very classy and fun bunch.

The weather, while a little threatening, was perfect for outdoor photos, and so we snapped a few in front of the church

And one of the many musical highlights of the evening was the full 7 piece band. They set off the art deco hotel reception with just the right mood.