Jolene & Brian

A little over a week ago I was fortunate enough to photograph Jolene & Brian’s wedding about 1 hour north of Minneapolis. It was a very fun wedding with some beautiful touches. Jolene got ready on her parent’s farm, which made for some lovely backgrounds and also a lot of tractors (I think 30 is not an over-estimation!)

Jolene had a lovely dress with a very long and ornate train! It was really a gorgeous day out, and I especially loved the lilacs in the bouquets.

This shot on the tractor is one of my favorites! All the bridal party were good sports about pulling out the tractor and jumping up on it in the field.

We took lots of formals at the church, here is one with all the parents!

And here is the ring bearer, who was on very good behavior all day, being a little gentleman in front of the bridesmaids.

Now, sometimes friends will gather at a bar between the ceremony and the reception, but it felt like all the wedding guests made it to “the Muni” for a few beers. I was able to coral some of them (including a lot of the parents!) for this photo.

The reception was a blast, and the cake was gorgeous.

And Jolene and Brian were a load of fun with their dancing!


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