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Sara & Jason – St Paul with class at Hamline University

Sara & Jason had a gorgeous and classy wedding in St Paul hitting all the highlights – the beautiful Hamline United Methodist church, Photos at Rice Park, and a reception at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront. The weather threatened rain, and delivered in small mists, but Sara and Jason have a fun loving group of friends that stuck it out for some great photos.

The church at Hamline University itself is gorgeous and gothic, featuring a full pipe organ behind the altar and lovely stone arches.

In between the ceremony and reception, the bridal party made a little pit stop in downtown St. Paul to relax and watch the game.

During the reception, Jason did a fantastic serenade of “Humpty Hump”, which was a fantastic first for me and really got the party going!


Angie & Rob – a wedding in River Falls, Wisconsin

I had a wonderful time photographing Angie and Rob’s wedding across the border in Wisconsin. They were married in River Falls, which is a lovely college town. Their families were wonderful, and their wedding party (especially their groomsmen) were a boisterous bunch, which suited me just fine!

The colors of the wedding were subtle and autumnal, and her dress was a lovely shade of antiqued lace.


Stephanie & Seth – Edinburg Golf Club Reception

Stephanie & Seth were married in Maple Grove and had their reception at Edinburg USA Golf Course in Andover, MN. The day was perfect as far as I was concerned – it rained during the ceremony, and then was perfectly bright for the photos at the church beforehand, and at the golf club afterwards.

Stephanie had a fabulous “birdcage veil” for a simple but vintage look.

If one of those bridesmaids looks familiar, it may be because I recently photographed her beautiful wedding in Spicer.

The reception was at Edinburg USA golf course, a beautiful building with wonderful grounds.

Did I mention how great the weather was for taking photos? And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that Stephanie and Seth looked so good!

Stephanie and Seth also have two adorable children – twins! They were a little shy about the camera, but they were so adorable I just kept trying!

Then, onto the rest of the reception!


Kate & Jeremy – a picture perfect wedding in a vintage theatre

Kate and Jeremy were married at the Orpheum theatre in Madison, Wi. Kate is a friend from high school and college, and now Jeremy is an old friend, too, so it was a real pleasure to photograph their wedding. The theatre has a wonderful 1950s feel, and has been refurbished to host a restaurant as well as movie showings, and so there were many nooks to take fun photographs in.

Yes, those are 6 actual flower girls. They were very well behaved and made a great procession down to the ceremony. I was worried there might be some break downs before we could get them all in the photos, but instead they were excited to be a part of the wedding!

The ceiling of the main theatre hall is the just fantastic, and I love the detail it adds to the background.

After dinner there were toasts, and then dancing.


Leigh & Ryan – a lovely wedding and a beautiful golf course

Leigh and Ryan were married in Leigh’s family church about an hour outside of Minneapolis. Leigh had a stunning dress, and the church had some amazing features, like a wall of stained glass windows and a lovely outdoor view. The reception was at the Riverview Greens Golf Course, also with a beautiful view and enough lovely weather to last all day.

Leigh had chosen a wonderful florist who did a great job of criss-crossing the flowers with grass, and the natural elegance showed up on the centerpieces of the reception as well.

The golf course was a fantastic backdrop for the reception and especially for the cake!