Even your photographer enjoys a good photobooth

I love photobooths. I really do.

Whenever I mention photobooths, I am asked if it is doing my job for me. I think not: a good photobooth is not redundant with a professional photographer. A photographer will be with you all day – finding those little moments of shared emotion and documenting formal groups.

A photobooth is part reception entertainment and part fun guest documentation. Think of the photo booth as an upgrade to “table shots” from a your wedding – you get photos of each guest, but instead of a table number and waterglasses, they are in smaller groups and often (gasp) having fun! Even though any photographer will try to photograph most of the guests, it can be impossible to document everyone – there is usually some group of family friends or coworkers that doesn’t like to dance (where I usually am) and leaves a little early (so I don’t get them on my next time around the room). For those people especially, a photo booth is a fun way to get their photos in your guestbook.

With digital photobooths, like Snapz or the Travling Photo Booth, the machine prints two strips – one for the couple, and one for the guests.

Which is especially good news when one of the groom’s college friends asks if he can join you in the photobooth – of course the answer is yes! And now I have a copy, too!


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