The lasting value of photography

A recent trip to an antique store in Wisconsin got me two things – a 1945 edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette, and a collection of vintage wedding photos from the 1910’s- 1930’s.

While in some ways both of these things are outdated (double weddings? calling cards?), some elements of them remain totally on point. This quote in the wedding section of Etiquette expresses perfectly how I feel about weddings:

A completely beautiful wedding is not merely a combination of wonderful flowers, beautiful clothes, smoothness of detail, delicious food. These, no matter how pleasing, are external attributes. The spirit, or soul of it, must have something besides,and that “something” is in the behavior and in the expression of the bride and groom.

The vintage wedding photos also have a story that is still relevant: wedding photos last.

Your photos are one of the few tangible remembrances of your wedding, and they are the first heirloom of a new family.


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