Great ideas from 2009 weddings

I am so lucky to have been able to photograph so many amazing weddings in 2009! People around me often ask if I have any wedding planning advice, having seen so many weddings, and I generally say this: choose the things that are important to you, and put your energy and resources into making those fabulous. Let the rest work itself out.

In 2009, there were a few ideas that were fairly simple to implement, and went a long way to personalize the day!

A live tree for your ceremony

Kate & Bret had the most creative and lovely alternative for an arbor or arch during a wedding ceremony I have seen. They bought a living tree, from a nursery, as a backdrop for a wedding service inside a small Wisconsin chapel. As a side bonus – they planted the tree later at a friend’s house and now have a tangible memory of their wedding ceremony.

Writing your vows inside a book that has meaning to you

Joyce & Dan had a lovely small ceremony at the Como Park conservatory’s sunken garden. Dan had written his vows inside a book Joyce had given them when they started dating. Writing your vows inside a book that has meaning for you is a wonderful way to keep your vows in your life, and on your bookshelf.

Going off color with your wedding gown

I loved these two non-traditional wedding dresses. Katie & Jake had a winter wedding in black and red, and Katie’s red wedding dress reflected their artistic and creative vibe. Melanie & Mark planned their slightly off beat wedding in Mexico and Melanie found a dress that was both elegant and a little Rock and Roll with a wide black lace corset belt.

Using a book as a Guestbook

Melanie & Casey’s wedding at the Cannon River winery and vineyard had many wine related touches, including using a book on the wine regions of the country as their guest book. Guests could sign on their favorite pages, and Melanie & Casey will read the lovely messages every time they pick up their coffee table book.

Getting rid of the flowers

Jolyn & Tim’s Guthrie theater wedding was a wonderful place to showcase Jolynn’s red parasol. She did also have a small bouquet, but for most of the pictures she got rid of the flowers sported her parasol. While parasols are not the most practical item to have in your closet, I love the idea of incorporating it into your house decor or taking it out for a picnic on your anniversary.

Going for the gold with your photo location

For Karen & Jeremy’s wedding at the Como Park railroad museum, carving out time to run to the carousel with their wedding party was a must. Sure, it added 15 minutes onto their photo time, and made their wedding even more memorable.


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