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Spice Trail Spices at Saffron Restaurant

Jim and I interviewed the brothers behind the lovely Saffron restaurant in Minneapolis about their new spice blends for sale. First off, if you have never had a true, fresh garam masala, go right now and buy some for yourself and everyone you know for the holidays. The blends are amazingly flavorful and rich, without having a lot of heat and with absolutely no salt. In short – mmmmmmmmm.


Thanksgiving preview

We love thanksgiving, which is why we go to at least two dinners on thanksgiving day and at least one more thanksgiving during the year (usually in February). We had a little thanksgiving preview a few weeks ago for Jim and the folks from the Heavy Table, and it seemed fitting to show a few of the decorations now.

Happy thanksgiving!


Honey Bees at Natural Acres Honey

It turns out that bees are awesome – they make honey, they make honey comb, they buzz, the whole works! We were lucky enough to interview the guys from Wisconsin Natural Acres honey, and I got to photograph the bees at work.


Sand Creek Brewery

Lately, my husband and I have been spending time on the road in Wisconsin photographing stories about food. In Black River Falls, we had the pleasure of meeting the folks at the Sand Creek Brewery, located in a fabulous old stone building right off of the downtown strip.


Cheesemaker photos in catalog of farmstead creameries

I am so excited that several of my photos are appearing in the Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers and the Specialty and Farmstead Dairy brochures for this year from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. Many of these photos were taken during the research for “Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin” which will be on bookshelves starting in November.


Cranberry blossoms

I love cranberries, so when I heard that it was cranberry blossom time, I jumped at the chance to see them. Luckily, my husband also likes cranberries, and doesn’t mind long drives to the middle of Wisconsin! While cranberry blossom season might not be as fragrant or striking as cherry blossom season in other parts of the world, the small flowers are a lovely little things!


Wolfgang Puck

I was lucky enough to photograph chef Wolfgang Puck for an interview appearing on the Heavy Table. Chef Puck was at his restaurant 20.21 at the Walker for a brief visit, and we were able to sit down with him for a few minutes. Not only was the food amazingly delicious, but he was also a very energetic and fun person to talk with!

Probably the most amazing food was the miso-glazed black cod. Fortunately, this is part of their regular menu (some of the other items were unique to the tasting menu), so I can go back and order it again!

We were also able to also talk with Asher Miller, the Executive Chef for Restaurant 20.21