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Abbie & Andy {expecting}

Abbie is one of my oldest friends and I couldn’t be more excited that she and Andy are having their first baby soon! When they came up to Minneapolis, it was a great opportunity to have a fantastic brunch and then head to Como Park for a little maternity/belly session in the conservatory.

**this post is part of “dollars for comments” drive – Becca Dilley will donate $1 for each comment on her website between January 18, 2010 and February 14, 2010 to Doctors without Borders to support their Haiti relief efforts.


Wedding Questions your Vendors can Answer

February 6 will mark Minneapolis’s first ever Independent Wedding Fair. I am so excited to be involved in this event – it is bringing together 21 local vendors, who are all hand selected for their creativity, love of weddings, and value. The fair will be low key with lots of actual information and none of the trinkets and sales of more traditional fairs.

But that is where you come in! I am looking for ideas about what you want to know about planning your wedding or what you wish you had known before you got married. Between the panel discussions and Q&A we are already planning to cover a lot of questions like:

  • How to make my photography budget go further?
  • How to get great food?
  • What do I need to think about when I plan my wedding timeline?
  • How do I incorporate my complicated family into the wedding without driving myself crazy?
  • What do ushers do?

What questions do you want answered?

**this post is part of “dollars for comments” drive – Becca Dilley will donate $1 for each comment on her website between January 18, 2010 and February 14, 2010 to Doctors without Borders to support their Haiti relief efforts.


Dollars for Comments – Doctors without Borders

Post Katrina New Orleans

From now through Valentines day, I will be running a  “dollars for comments” drive.

For each comment on my website between now and February 14, 2010, I will donate $1 to Doctors without Borders to support their Haiti relief efforts.


Brandon’s Bar Mitzvah – preview

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph Brandon for his Bar Mitzvah this January – here is a quick preview from his Bar Mitzvah at Temple of Aaron in St Paul.


Baby S {Brooklyn Center Baby Photos}

I had a great time photographing little baby S. She is still figuring out where her hands and feet go!


Great ideas from 2009 weddings

I am so lucky to have been able to photograph so many amazing weddings in 2009! People around me often ask if I have any wedding planning advice, having seen so many weddings, and I generally say this: choose the things that are important to you, and put your energy and resources into making those fabulous. Let the rest work itself out.

In 2009, there were a few ideas that were fairly simple to implement, and went a long way to personalize the day!

A live tree for your ceremony

Kate & Bret had the most creative and lovely alternative for an arbor or arch during a wedding ceremony I have seen. They bought a living tree, from a nursery, as a backdrop for a wedding service inside a small Wisconsin chapel. As a side bonus – they planted the tree later at a friend’s house and now have a tangible memory of their wedding ceremony.

Writing your vows inside a book that has meaning to you

Joyce & Dan had a lovely small ceremony at the Como Park conservatory’s sunken garden. Dan had written his vows inside a book Joyce had given them when they started dating. Writing your vows inside a book that has meaning for you is a wonderful way to keep your vows in your life, and on your bookshelf.

Going off color with your wedding gown

I loved these two non-traditional wedding dresses. Katie & Jake had a winter wedding in black and red, and Katie’s red wedding dress reflected their artistic and creative vibe. Melanie & Mark planned their slightly off beat wedding in Mexico and Melanie found a dress that was both elegant and a little Rock and Roll with a wide black lace corset belt.

Using a book as a Guestbook

Melanie & Casey’s wedding at the Cannon River winery and vineyard had many wine related touches, including using a book on the wine regions of the country as their guest book. Guests could sign on their favorite pages, and Melanie & Casey will read the lovely messages every time they pick up their coffee table book.

Getting rid of the flowers

Jolyn & Tim’s Guthrie theater wedding was a wonderful place to showcase Jolynn’s red parasol. She did also have a small bouquet, but for most of the pictures she got rid of the flowers sported her parasol. While parasols are not the most practical item to have in your closet, I love the idea of incorporating it into your house decor or taking it out for a picnic on your anniversary.

Going for the gold with your photo location

For Karen & Jeremy’s wedding at the Como Park railroad museum, carving out time to run to the carousel with their wedding party was a must. Sure, it added 15 minutes onto their photo time, and made their wedding even more memorable.


Old School Supper Club Wedding reception, fun in November {Nikki & Kevin Married}

Jax Cafe in Northeast Minneapolis is one of the few remaining old school Midwest supper clubs – they are famous for steak, the decor is mostly wood paneled, and when you make a reservation, you receive matchbooks printed with your name. Everything screams Mid-century Minneapolis, and it was a fantastic place for Nikki & Kevin’s fabulous November wedding. After their ceremony at St Brigit’s Church in North Minneapolis, and a little adventure to the Mill City Ruins park (it was chilly!) we made our way to Jax where very lively reception meets classic midwest charm.