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Leah & Charlie – Majestic Theater Wedding

Leah and Charlie chose the renovated Majestic Theater in Madison as the location for their vintage inspired wedding. Leah and Charlie both work in the professional theater world out in LA, so they designed and built the steps up to the stage, and I am pretty sure I heard Charlie talking about the lighting design right before the ceremony! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!


Tina & Jesse – post wedding session in Madison

I had a wonderful time with Tina & Jesse in Madison a few weeks back. They were married earlier this spring (yay!) and wanted some more photos of just the two of them. I hadn’t had the chance to shoot much inside the capitol before since it is not a great place for whole wedding parties, but it was to be able to play around in such a cool building, and Tina and Jesse were great sports!


Becky & Christian – lovely wedding in Madison, with spring rain

I posted a few quick photos from Becky and Christian’s wedding a few weeks ago, and now I am ready for the full post. Becky and Christian were wonderful, and their wedding was beautiful and joyous. They were even willing to humor me and take a few photos outside between the rain storms! The ceremony was in Blessed Sacrament church, and then onto the reception at the Memorial Union in downtown Madison.

Congratulations, and thanks for letting me photograph your fabulous wedding!


Tricia & Dan {engagement}

I had a lot of fun photographing Tricia and Dan in downtown Madison. We had the chance to walk around library mall, and then the memorial union and terrace on a nice (but windy) fall day. I am really looking forward to their wedding in Madison next year, when they will also have new twins!