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East meets West wedding with elegance – Nasreen & Philip’s wedding

I don’t really know how Nasreen planned her fabulous day of wedding festivities with Philip – she works, she goes to school, they just bought a house – and yet they had a series of gorgeous events at the downtown Minneapolis Hilton. After a short Muslim ceremony, Nasreen’s brother oversaw a more traditional wedding and then on the the reception, which featured a few Afghan traditions, a lot of dancing, and a afghan pop singer!

It is kind of still a whirlwind for me of red shoes, gorgeous golden rooms and awesome details. Congratulations, Nasreen and Philip, and thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding!


Tricia & Dan’s fabulous summer wedding in Madison, WI

I am so happy for Tricia & Dan – not only was their wedding gorgeous and their adorable children, but they found each other in the first place. After the ceremony in the Janesville Rotary Gardens, they were totally inseparable – Dan kept picking Tricia up and giving her kisses, not to mention all the times he dipped her! We had a great time with the (large!) wedding party at the Memorial Union, then the Capitol Building, and then the Monona Terrace, where they had their reception!

And here is the funniest thing I have ever seen a group of guys do during a wedding reception – fake double dutch jump roping. It cracks me up just to write about this, but they had two guys slowly speed up with the fake ropes while standing opposite each other, while the other guys take turns jumping in!


Jennifer & William – preview

I was lucky enough to photograph Jennifer & William’s fabulous wedding in Long Island, NY. A quick peek at their fabulous day (including the small rain storm that moved in dramatically as the ceremony ended!)


Tricia & Dan – preview

A few quick photos from Tricia & Dan’s beautiful summer wedding in Madison.